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  Bathrooms Design

"As always, this work was done efficiently and perfectly..."

D.N. /Feb 2015, Headington/

Bathroom Design Process

The Bathroom Design Consultation helps to lay out all the work required, including design, while also predicting any possible issues that may arise in the fitting process

A correct design will maximize the potential of your bathroom to reach technical and ergonomic efficiency.

An accurate picture of costs shall achieved at this stage through correct technical analysis 

10 easy steps to the perfect bathroom

1. First appointment on site to discuss all your needs, design and installation ideas
2. Determine what type of products interest you
3. Take bathroom measurements
4. Product positioning and scaled floor plan - in order to make best use of available space
5. Plan out plumbing including water supply, waste and position of appliances
6. Plan out storage, lighting, heating and ventilation
7. Second appointment - You are presented with design and possible product selection for your bathroom.
8. Obtain a detailed quote
9. Discuss the finishing touches such as vanities, mirrors and other accessories
10. Sit back and enjoy!